Answer the Call • Claim Your Power
In this retreat, we introduce the 60,000 year-old, earth-honoring tradition of shamanic practice to the modern world. In the midst of the beautiful Colorado mountains, while you enjoy wonderful food with nature at your doorstep, you acquire forgotten knowledge, wisdom, and skills while exploring what it truly means to be human.

In this retreat you will:

1. Discover Your Soul's Purpose
2. Learn Powerful Healing Forms 
3. Become More Emotionally Resilient
4. Engage with Spirit through Earth's Oldest Tradition
5. Transform Your Life with Ceremony and Ritual
6. Begin Walking with Confidence in the World

We introduce the following essential shamanic skills:
• Shamanic Journeying
• Shamanic Breath Work
• Shamanic Cosmology
• Working with Helping Spirits, Totems, and Power Animals
• Personal Energy Self Care and Maintenance
• Using Personal Shrines, Altars, and Ceremonies
• Personal Spiritual Protections
• Making and Using Shamanic Tools
• Shamanic Sand Painting
• Working with Nature at the Level of Spirit

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Venue Details
The Center at Cathedral Ridge
1364 County Road 75, Woodland Park, Colorado, 80863, United States
Whether your interest is to explore shamanism and put it to work in your life or you are answering the call to become a shamanic healer, teacher, ceremonialist, or scholar, we offer a comprehensive set of in-depth courses designed to assist you through this transformation. For more information see